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As in sports, so in business – The best prepared team wins! Staying competitive in the 21st century will be directly related to your ability to adapt, grow, and continually improve your skills. Unfortunately, the one thing people don’t have a lot of today is time. For this reason, I’ve written a series of small mini-books: 40-70 pages with lots of images and quotations.

These mini-books are:

  • Quick reads
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Provide actionable information
  • Inspirational

These books can be:

  • Follow-up to existing training programs
  • A training program if none exist
  • On-the-job reference guide
  • Coaching tool

Who are these books for?

I wrote these mini-books for all the folks in leadership positions, regardless of education level: from store manager to Owner/CEO, and every leadership position in between. Consider these books a leadership development program for your current and future leaders.

Why are these books important?

These books are important because they enable leaders to continually update their knowledge and skill sets. We live in a faster-moving, constantly evolving, more uncertain world. Success has never been more fleeting. Knowledge and skill sets are becoming obsolete at a quicker pace. As a result, relevance should never be taken for granted!

If your leaders skill sets are behind the curve, or worse, obsolete, your organization is at risk. These books will help ensure that your organization’s leaders not only keep pace, but get out in front of the change curve by re-tooling their leaderships skills. This results in a competitive advantage for your organization. Out in front of the curve is where you want to be - and stay. These books will get you there by helping you build organizational muscle!

Building capacity for continuous renewal.




Customer Service

What Great Leaders Do

Leadership is the driving force behind all successful organizations; it’s what distinguishes greatness. Ironically, leadership - true leadership, is in short supply today. The gap between the importance of leadership and an organization’s leadership capabilities is widening. In a fast-paced, hyper-competitive global economy, if your organization doesn’t have genuine leaders at all levels, you’re on a path toward disaster. This book will get your organization’s leaders on the right leadership path and keep them there.

How to Become a High-Performance Organization

High-Performance Organizations (HPOs) consistently deliver superior results, regardless of the economy, competition, market shifts, and new disrupting technologies. How do they do it? By attracting, developing, retaining, and maximizing superior job performance from their workforce. You can’t build a HPO with slackers! But having the best people is only half of the performance equation. HPOs have developed a powerful infrastructure that facilitates not impedes high-performance. HPOs have cracked the code of transforming human capital into serious financial capital. This book will teach you that code.

Customer Service – The Ultimate Differentiator

In a highly competitive, over-crowded marketplace, the goal is to stand out from the crowd. If your brand doesn’t stand out in the minds of consumers, you’ll quickly fade into the background. Sameness is the quickest path to mediocre results and eventual irrelevancy. Today’s consumers are more demanding, have higher expectations, and more choices than ever before. Because of this, today’s consumers are continually pushing the buying experience bar higher. To win, you need a strategy that connects you to your customer’s hip: understanding who your customers are (Segmentation), and targeting the most profitable and loyal customers (Targeting). This book will differentiate your brand and give you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Coming Soon

Why Strategy is Important

Strategy is about one thing and one thing only – winning! Great organizations choose to win vs. merely compete. Competing simply to participate is self-defeating, and is a recipe for mediocrity. Winning is what matters. And winning cannot be accomplished without a game plan. Strategy is your game plan for winning. How did David beat Goliath? David had a strategy! This book will teach you the key components of developing a winning strategy; a strategy that enables you to dominate your competition.
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. If you want more, you have to become more. -Jim Rohn

Why Should You Order These Mini-Books For Your Organizations’ Leaders?

Because you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, and profitably grow your business today, not tomorrow. The marketplace isn’t going to hand you anything; you have to create your own success. These mini-books will help you create that success!

Order Form:

Here are three more reasons why you should order copies of these books for every leadership position in your organization:
  1. Boost employee productivity, resulting in greater business results and human capital ROI.
  2. Greater strategy, store-level, salesforce, and operational execution.
  3. Achieve a competitive advantage if your competitors don’t purchase these books.
These mini-books are priced so that everyone in your organization can have their own personal training and development handbook.

# of Copies

Price Per Copy


1-49 $9.95 FREE
50-99 $8.95 FREE
100-999 $7.95 FREE

terryTerry McKenna is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and consultant on the topics of human capital optimization and organizational design: people and systems. Terry’s most recent book, Hire the Best C-Store Employees – Interviewing Tactics for Hiring Employees Who Can Actually Make You Money, was a #1 seller in the convenience industry. Terry has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and the Harvard Business School corporate training video, Benchmarking Outside the Box.

Terry is principal and co-founder of Employee Performance Strategies, Inc. (EPS) founded in 1997. EPS is the leading authority in helping organizations achieve greater financial results by maximizing employee job performance. EPS develops high-performance workforces through training, organizational design, and process improvement. EPS is unique in their depth and breadth of experience in understanding and relating to business owners and their employees, due to their extensive history and focus on people-based strategy development and execution.

Prior to founding EPS, Terry worked 17-years with ExxonMobil Corporation – U.S. Marketing Division. While at ExxonMobil, Terry led the development and implementation of a national customer service strategy, in addition to leading the achievement of ISO-9002 Quality Certification for customer service for convenience stores for ExxonMobil’s Singapore marketing affiliate.


I would love to have your feedback on what you think of these mini-books. Were they of value to you and your organization? If so, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Read what people are saying about Terry's books.



EZ GO Store Leadership Team

Ricker's District Manager Leadership Team

Double Kwik Territory Supervisors

Minuteman Food Marts Store Leadership Team

  1. Ed Ward says:

    Terry one of my pleasures in life is reading your daily blog.

  2. Steve Seymour says:

    “What Great Leaders Do” puts best practices for effective leadership into a condensed but concise format that can be used by leaders at any level. The book is comprised of tools that leaders SHOULD be using every day. It will be required reading for our Store Operations Team!

  3. Patricia Dilts says:

    A quick read with a powerful reminder of our primary responsibility as leaders; to nurture and cultivate future leaders. “What Great Leaders Do”, simplistically discloses the essential tools vital for accomplishing the mission.

  4. Lance Eslyn says:

    A must read for general managers and supervisors! I would recomend reading all three.

  5. John Bennett says:

    After reading “What Great Leaders Do” I gave it to my son who has just started his management career and he was able to get some great key learning from it. This is a great book for those that are just start out or have been in management for awhile.

  6. Jill Reimer says:

    This should be every parents handbook on raising a family as well as every great leaders gift to young/future leaders. This is a great handbook, a constant reminder of the simplest facts of leadership.
    It is so easy to get lost in the thought that “leading should be difficult” when indeed it is so natural and so simple, thank you for a great daily “bible” for leaders Terry. Must have

  7. Jeff Schultz says:

    “What Great Leaders Do” is very well written, concise and relevant. I have provided our mid-level managers with a book and then had a follow-up group discussion with them with a quiz identifying and reinforcing the more important points.

  8. Chris Ingram says:

    “What Great Leaders Do” is a great handbook that is applicable to business and personal life. As a “preacher’s kid” I grew up following my Dad’s sermons in the Bible and I would underline parts that “hit me” or any verses that I wanted to read again. I would also write my thoughts at the time in the margins of the pages. As I read this book I reached for the highlighter and pen and found several nuggets that I wanted to stand out to me the next time I picked up the book and added my thoughts in the margins as well. Great overview of what Genuine Leadership looks like and the potential it can unlock.

  9. Katy Delves says:

    I enjoyed reading “What Great Leaders Do” and felt it was a terrific message for our Facility Managers. It was a simple, direct, very applicable message that helps us recall those things we need to do every day to help ensure we are leading our employees in the most effective way possible!

  10. Greg Stutzman says:

    A great little book which will help to serve as reinforcement and as a guidebook in our efforts to develop leaders and not simply managers. I am ordering one for each of our convenience store and restaurant GM’s as a Christmas gift.

  11. Paul Korhonen says:

    Terry does an excellent job of explaining how great leaders are made. He paints a clear picture of what great leadership looks like and the steps required to help your team members become the best leaders they can be.

  12. Troy Clark says:

    What Great Leaders Do was a pleasure to read. It helps to fan the flames of the fire that is necessary for a great leader to have.

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